10 Things NOT To Flush For Your Plumbing's Sake

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10 Things NOT To Flush For Your Plumbing's Sake

When it comes to flushing different things down the toilet, people find ways to justify flushing just about anything. But the truth is that there are only three things that can be flushed away and those things are pee, poop and toilet paper. In the instance that you have an item that you think you’ll just flush away, here’s a list of things to NOT flush, for your plumbing’s sake.


1. Wet wipes and baby wipes – these things will do just fine being thrown away.


2. Medicine – people often flush medicine because they see it done in movies but if you have extra medicine you don’t want in your house, the best thing is to find a pharmacy that will dispose of them properly.


3. Harsh cleaners – flushing harsh and chemical filled cleaners is dangerous because they are not always cleaned out and can find their way back into the water supply.


4. Cotton balls, tissues, and paper towels – while toilet paper is capable of breaking down in seconds when flushed these things are not and should not be flushed


5. Tampons, pads and liners – this one is a little more obvious as women will see a sign in every bathroom they go in to.
6. Diapers – believe it or not, we’ve seen it.


7. Hair and floss – these things do not decompose properly when flushed.


8. Cat litter and cat poop – flushing may seem like an easy way to get rid of these things but we advise against it.


9. Dead fish or other small animals – a small burial in your yard will do just fine to get rid of these.


10. Food and other left overs – easily thrown away.


If you have any other questions about this, give us a call and we would be happy to help.