A Quick Guide: Sprinkler Systems

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A Quick Guide: Sprinkler Systems

Do you wish grass was greener on your side? Do you plan on battling the summer sun with your hose and trusty sprinkler? If you are tired of spraying thirsty grass by hand or dragging around your lawn sprinkler like a ball-and-chain, why not get an underground sprinkler (aka irrigation) system?

What do you have to gain?

More Time: When you own an automated home sprinkler system, you can enjoy your summer and not worry about your grass turning into a burnt crisp.

More Water: Your sprinkler system is much more efficient than moving your sprinklers and doing it by hand. This efficiency will make your lawn healthier. An added benefit is your property value increases. Home buyers love sprinkler systems and beautiful lawns!

More Money: Your lawn and landscaping has value. Sprinkler systems protect your investment every day by providing the amount it needs.

Get more out of your lawn by installing an automated home sprinkler system this summer! Mike’s Plumbing can help you make your grass greener on your side. Call today at 219-808-1073 or email: Mike@nwi-plumbing.com.