A Quick Guide: Toilet Problems

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 Written By Kyle Hovanec

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A Quick Guide: Toilet Problems

Is your toilet smelly, leaky, not flushing, or otherwise acting up? There are so many things that can go wrong with a toilet…and none of them are pleasant. When toilets give you problems, your bathroom can become a horror story.

Here are some common toilet-related problems:

  1. Clogs: Even the best toilets can get clogged. Sometimes, a quick plunge will fix the problem. However, major clogs can cause major damage. A common problem is a foreign object getting stuck down the drain and that can result sewer system problems, warping floors around the toilet, and severe backups. Common objects that can get stuck are children’s toys and tampons. Remember only to flush toilet paper!
  2. Condensation: When you walk into your bathroom and you see water on the floor around the toilet, panic ensues. Whenever there is water around your toilet, it’s time to call Mike’s Plumbing. There are several reasons this might be happening and one reason is condensation. When your tank isn’t insulated well, cold air in the bathroom may create condensation.
  3. A Broken Tank: Another reason you might find water around your toilet is a broken tank. A broken tank should be addressed right away. An untrained eye might not see where the tank is broken but it won’t stop running until the toilet is fixed or replaced.
  4. Bubbling Toilet: When you hear “blub, blub, blub” coming from your toilet, that is never a good sign. This indicates improper ventilation and its definitely time to call a plumber.
  5. Sewer Line Clog: Ew, what’s that smell? Even though most clogged toilets are toilet-related problems, a sewer line clog might by the culprit. Objects like roots can obstruct pipes and cause your toilet and appliances to overflow and backup.
  6. Worn Out: Over years of wear and tear, bolts and connections can become worn out or lose. There are many reasons your toilet is leaking and the best way to find the cause is by calling a reputable plumber.

If you have any of these toilet issues or something else, call Mike’s Plumbing. At Mike’s Plumbing, we are licensed and insured and can fix your toilet problems. We are also happy to offer affordable rates! Call today at 219-808-1073 or email: Mike@nwi-plumbing.com.