Baths Vs. Showers

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Baths Vs. Showers

Baths are like cupcakes or candy in the sense that they fall into the category of things we probably shouldn’t do every day. Although an hour bath may be better than an hour shower, we don’t think many people take hourly showers. 

All in all, filling and draining a bathtub uses more water than taking a shower does. Now here are some statistics to show you the differences. We realize these things look different for everyone but on average. According to industry estimates, people use about 30 gallons of water for a bath. A 10-minute standard showerhead, on the other hand, uses about 25 gallons for 10 minutes. Of course, the shorter the shower, the less water used. 

So that’s the short of the water facts when it comes to showers verses baths. But here are some other, more fun, bath verses shower facts.

To defend baths, a bath relaxes you and can improve sleep. Studies show that raising your body temperature tells your body to produce melatonin which induces sleep. A shower can actually harm the skin. When you combine the temperature of the water and any vigorous scrubbing, you strip your body of any natural oils and skin layers resulting in dry skin. 

On the defense of showers, a shower is faster and gives you energy. Lastly, while a bath goes cold with time, a shower will remain hot likely the entirety of the shower. 

Overall, due to the lesser amount of water used in a shower, we recommend that. But we all know the relaxation of a bath and encourage treating yourself every so often!

If you have any questions about your shower or bath, give us a call and we would be happy to help you how we can!