Call a Plumber for that Leaky Faucet: Here’s Why

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Call a Plumber for that Leaky Faucet: Here’s Why

Drip-drop-drippity-drop. We all know that familiar, annoying sound. A leaky faucet is maddening and is a huge waste of money. While there is no way to fully measure the amount of waste, if you estimate that 4,000 drips equate to on liter, you are wasting gallons of water each month with a leaky faucet, (

The challenge of homeownership is that things break and need repaired. Who has the time, energy, and patience to fix a faucet? Even though DIY is a tempting option, or asking a friend of neighbor to fix it, we recommend finding a reputable local plumber to fix your faucet. When faucets are not handled correctly, it could lead you to more problems.

Here are reasons to hire an expert plumber:

  • Diagnostics: An advantage of hiring a plumber is that they are able to determine the actual cause of the problem. There are several reasons why a faucet leaks and a professional plumber can uncover the correct reason.


  • Tools: Often times, fixing a leaky faucet requires special tools. Who wants to buy specialty tools for one project? Also, failing to use the correct tools might make the problem worse.


  • Damage Prevention: When a novice attempts to fix a faucet, there is a possibility they will not fix the problem and make matters worse.



  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Professional plumbers who are experts in their field will often times guarantee customer satisfaction. At Mike’s Plumbing, we stand behind our work. We are licensed and insured and will fix your leaky faucet the right way. We are also happy to offer affordable rates! Call today at 219-808-1073 or email: