Google's Most Asked Plumbing Questions

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Google's Most Asked Plumbing Questions

With today’s blog, we took to Google’s top 3 “Why” plumbing questions and decided to tackle the answers in one place for you. 


1. Why is my plumbing backing up?

 A. There are many different reasons for your plumbing to back up but the two most common ones are broken pipes and debris clogging the drain. You can get these both fixed by having a professional come out. Once you do, avoid putting things other than toilet paper down your toilet such as feminine products, hair or Kleenex.

2. Why is my plumbing leaking?

A. Your pipes may be leaking for a lot of different reasons. The first one being corrosion caused by poor water quality, a chemical reaction or age. Another cause could be degradation and movement caused by your home moving over time. Third, if the water pressure is too high it may cause a crack or leak and lastly, clogs. If you experience a clogged drain, the water will pour drain slower or not at all causing a leak.

3. Why is my plumbing making noise?
A. Your plumbing will only make noises if there is a problem. The most common noise being a whistling when water is being used caused by a distorted washers or loose screws. The location of this needs to be located and the parts replaced. Another noise could be a banging noise, or what we call ‘water hammer.’ This can be located by turning on the water and looking at any visible pipes for rattling and shaking causing the pipe to hit a wall. This can be fixed by placing a rubber pad around the pipe or by nailing small blocks of wood to the wall.
Our best answer, if you are experiencing any of these questions, is to call a plumber and have them locate and fix the issue. Give us a call to schedule a visit or with any other questions.