How To Take Care Of Your Plumbing In A Winter Power Outage

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How To Take Care Of Your Plumbing In A Winter Power Outage

Northwest Indiana is quite known for its unpredictable weather and where there is unpredictable weather, there may be power outages. Most times, the power kicks back on after a few seconds, however, in some cases, you might find yourself without power for a few hours or even a few days. This blog will outline a few steps you can take in order to protect your home’s plumbing in the instance that your power may go out, especially if this happens in the winter. 

If the power outage is short term, you will not need to turn off the water. However, it is important to be conserving water by limiting flushes, taking quick showers and turning the water off while brushing your teeth. Once the power turns back on, continue to be conservative for a day or two and be prepared to call a plumber if you notice anything different. 

On the other hand, the power may be out for a few days and if this is the case you will want to turn your main water valve off as well as turn off the breaker to your water heater and any gas lines in your home. Next, open your faucets a little bit working from the top floor down so that any water in the pipes can drain and your pipes won’t freeze. 

It is important, when the power turns back on, to call a professional to come out and check out your system to make sure everything is in good working shape. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you and help you find some answers.