Save the Planet & Your Wallet: All You Need to Know About Low Flowing Water

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Save the Planet & Your Wallet: All You Need to Know About Low Flowing Water

What exactly is low flowing water? How much water does low-flow save? The answers might surprise you.

If you are curious about low-flow technology, you likely have questions and concerns. Making the decision to install low-flow faucets, shower heads, or toilets in your home is a little unnerving. Especially if you never had a low-flow appliance.

The biggest concern is a loss of water pressure. Thankfully, with the right low-flow accessories, you should not feel any difference in pressure. Low-flow appliances work by using less water-per-minute. They utilize a high-pressure technique to be more efficient. Low-flow technology is scientifically proven to use less water but maintain pressure.

It feels great to help out Mother Earth! With low-flow, you'll help conserve local water resources. Accessories, like low-flow shower heads, can decrease water output by 40% or more. Remember, this does not affect the length or quality of your shower. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, changing out old toilets with efficient models can reduce your household’s consumption significantly. You can save around 13,000 gallons of water per year(

It feels amazing to save money! Because you are consuming less water, your home is also using less energy to warm it up. You could save on your power bills and your water bills, too.

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