Water Saving Tips

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Water Saving Tips

Using less water benefits not only you as the home owner but also the community around you. You’ll save money on your water bill and prevent water pollution. Saving water also has the potential to extend the life of your septic so take heed of these few water saving tips we have put together for you.

When it comes to toilets, avoid using it as a waste basket or an ashtray. Flushing a cigarette butt or tissue will over time waste gallons of water when you could simply throw them away. Installing dual flush model could cut down a significant amount of water using less water to flush fluids compared to flushing solids. Using less water in the shower is as simple as taking shorter showers or try turning the water off while you wash. With the sink, you can try things like turning your water off while brushing your teeth and though it doesn’t seem to be so, the dishwasher actually uses less water than washing dishes by hand does. If you must hand wash your dishes, opt for filling the sink and reusing the water instead of running the water while you wash each dish. Lastly, consider keeping drinking water in your fridge to have cold water to drink rather than running water from the faucet until its cold enough to drink. 

You can save water outside as well when it comes to your garden and yard work. If you are washing your car outside, turn the water off in between rinses and use a broom to clean out garages and sidewalks instead of a hose. 

Most importantly, reuse water where you can. This includes placing buckets in areas that there might be excess water and using that water to water plants. 

Using less water is important for you and your community which is why we encourage all our customers to use less water. If you have any questions, give us a call, we would be happy to help!