5 Reasons Why Your Sink Keeps Clogging

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5 Reasons Why Your Sink Keeps Clogging

A clogged sink is maddening…especially when it keeps happening! You’ve been pouring your grandma’s baking soda clog recipe and store-bought drain cleaner down the sink. You’ve even snaked it. So why is does your sink keep getting clogged? There are a few common culprits that lead to nasty clogs in the bathroom sink.

  • Hair: Hair collects over time. Long strands, facial shavings, and even pet hair, collects in an unsightly, slimy, sink-clogging lump. Hair is the most likely cause of bathroom sink backup. Sometimes, an over the counter snake or drain cleaner doesn’t do the trick.
  • Scum: Soap Scum is not your sink’s friend! It is another common sink clogger.
  • Stuck: Have you lost your favorite ring? Something could be stuck in the bend in the pipe. If it isn’t slimy soap scum and hair, it could be any small object obstructing the water from draining. If you have children, small toys are likely culprits.
  • Damage: There is no escaping it! Damage happens to all pipes. Over years of use, older pipes can cause clogged sinks. Time can cause sagging, dings, and dents that restrict water flow. Rust can build up, too. Unfortunately, even with proper upkeep, pipes all eventually wear out and need replacements.
  • Combination: There are a lot of things that can cause habitual sink clogs. It could be one thing causing a problem or several. The best thing to do is to call a professional.

When you’ve tried to unclog the sink and your methods fail, or only provide a temporary fix, only a professional can help. Your team at Mike’s Plumbing can determine the cause of your clogs and fix it! Call us today at: 219-808-1073