Winterizing Pipes: A Guide

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Winterizing Pipes: A Guide

Winter is coming! In Indiana, you don’t always know what weather to expect. One thing for certain is that the nights can get extremely cold. It’s a good idea to know about pipes and freezing temperatures. Afterall, your pipes are one of the most important, expensive systems in your home. According to Consumer Reports, damaged pipes from freezing temperatures can cause around $5,000 in damages ( Here is a guide to keep your pipes from freezing and rupturing this winter.

  1. Keep Water Running: Use your water daily. If you have exposed pipes, have a slow drip of cold water when temperatures plummet. Remember, water freezes at 20 degrees so any temperature below that puts your pipes at risk, especially if they are exposed. A lot of older homes have exposed pipes or pipes that aren’t insulated well. If you are unsure, your team at Mike’s Plumbing can help. Also, keep the heat on!
  2. Winterize Outside: It’s time to put the hose away for the winter. Drain all water from your hose and put it in a safe place like your garage or storage shed. Next, turn off the valve, making sure it is extra tight. You’ll want to wrap up your exterior faucet with something like insulated foam. Make sure to shut down your sprinkler system as well. For an assistance with shutting down your system, call Mike’s Plumbing. We can purge your pipes and make sure they are safe for the winter.
  3. Winterize on Vacation: Escaping Indiana for some place warm? Nice! Don’t forget to completely winterize your pipes. Winterizing your pipes includes leaving your thermostat on to at least 50 degrees, shutting off the main water valve in your house, and placing “Do Not Use” signs on all sinks and faucets (just in case!) It is important to winterize when you are away, even if it’s only for a little while. You don’t want to return home and discover ruptured pipes!

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